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DK Blood Tank Lichservant

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DK Blood Tank Lichservant

Post  VeteransLeader on Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:24 pm

Hello Veterans Reborn!

Today I Wanted To Give You My Version Of Tanking
A Few People Say Its Good, I Disagree I Think I Fail But Thats My Opinion.

Anyway Heres The Sort Of Stats You Are Aiming To Achieve With A DK Blood Tank (NOTE This Is Heroic Gear You Wont Have This For A While.

First Of You NEED 530 Defense Rating Minimum, Or Raid Bosses (Like VOA) Will Crit You ALOT Its Common Sense Really You Wouldn't Fight The Lich King If You Couldn't Land A Hit Would You? Same Aspect For Tanking.

Next Up Get Yourself Some GOOD Tank Trinkets, Don't Be A GS Noob And Just Use Whatever Gives Highest Because Thats Sad :/

Invest In Some Good Trinkets I Suggest EOT And EOF Ones As A Good Starter
(EOT Glyph Of Indomitability)
(EOF Corroded Skeleton Key)

These Are Nice Tank Trinkets
If You Cant Afford The EOF One I Suggest You Get Ick's Rotting Thumb I used This For A Long Time You Can Loot It From Ick In POS HC.

Next Up


I Have 43k HP Unbuffed Which Is Good But Not Good Enough So When You Do Raids I Get Buffed Up To 77k Of HP with All Buffs (Photo Was Taken In Unholy Presence Wink )
I Can't Stress How Important It Is To Stack HP And Defense Rating Get Your HP As High As Possible.


As For Skills I Do (Depending On The Boss)

Death Grip, Icy Touch, Plague Strike And Then To Finish Death Strike, Reason For This Is They All Give Disease Bonus And Death Strike Adds Up All The Damage And Uses It.
I Then Use Runic Strike Because My Relic Adds Dodge Rating When I Use Runic Strike I Belive It Was From The EOT Vendor In Dalaran.

If You Have A High DPS In Your Raid/Party (Which You Will) ALWAYS ALWAYS Start The Fight With Dark Command And Then Spam Attacks To Keep Agro, If You Start Loosing Agro Use Dark Command Again.

And Don't Be A Hero And Try And Get GBOM (Greater Blessing Of Might) It Sucks For Tanks And Its Useless ALWAYS GBOK (Greater Blessing Of Kings)

Now I Will Show You My Talents.

A Lot Of People Disagree With A Few Of Them But Don't Knock It Till You Tank It Wink

The Last 8 Go On Anticipation And Ravenous Dead, But My Photo Uploader Crashed ^^

Hope This Helps All You Tanks Out There
I Put A Couple Of Hours Into This Guide So Give Me Some Feedback And Tell Me What I'm Missing


Owner Chris


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