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Weekend Raids

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Weekend Raids

Post  VeteransLeader on Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:45 pm

Hello Veterans Reborn!

At the moment we do ICC 10N every Saturday and i know you don't always get in the group its not favoritism its first come first serve.

How To Join The Weekend Raid....

1) Whisper Orakos Our Guilds Raid Master ONLY When He Says He Is Ready.
2) The Priority Is Tanks And Healers DPS Is First Come First Serve.
3) Don't Worry If You Don't Get Picked! We Try To Make It As Fair As Possible So You Get In The Next ICC Raid.
4) DPS Must Be Able To Hit 4K DPS As A Minimum, We Dont Care For "GS Tinned Tuna" (Which I'm Gonna Start Selling Btw Wink ) All We Ask Is That You Can Hit That We Can Teach You The Rest

Don't Fret If You Don't Know The Tactics!
We Are Happy To Teach You


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