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Mage Specific ICC tips and tricks......

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Mage Specific ICC tips and tricks......

Post  Skavenger on Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:41 pm

This post is where i will put random tips for ICC that only apply to mages. THIS GUIDE ASSUMES YOU HAVE DEADLY BOSS MODS INSTALLED..... IF NOT, GOOGLE "Deadly Boss Mods 3.3.5a"

This is a work in progress and i will be editing and adding to it over the next few days.


This tip applies to bone spikes..... if in ten man, there will be only one spike at a time, just single target it. However, on 25 man, there will be three spikes, usually in close proximity to the boss. Use blizzard and try to get as many of the spikes in the aoe as possible. Groups will love you for this XD


Nothing too noteworthy here, in phase one, if a teammate is mind controlled, you can polymorph them to make them a non issue.
Phase two, she will cast frostbolts. When you see "Casting Frostbolt" appear on your screen, stop all casting and use Counterspell. This will interrupt the frostbolt, preventing about 10k damage to every player in the raid. Due to the cooldown, you will not be able to interrupt all of them, however, just get the ones you can!


Make sure you have a mana gem ready, because this fight WILL drain your mana.
When you see Blood Beasts being summoned, switch to the nearest one and cast Slow. Then dps it down asap, and move on to the next Blood Beast, if its still alive. Do the same thing to every Blood Beast, slow it, then dps it to death. Only DPS the boss when there are no adds in play.


Stay spread out from everyone else, but not so far that heals cant reach you. Only stack on spores if a spore is actually over your head. If the spore isnt on you, just ignore it. When you see the boss start casting "Pungeant Blight", use Ice Block. This will prevent Pungeant Blight from killing you, even with ZERO stacks of Innoculation (the buff the spores give you is called Innoculation). If you do get a spore over your head, run and stack with the group, they still need their buffs from it, as they cant iceblock.


Stand to the side of the boss, about 10-15 yards away. Only move to get out of the way of oozes, or green goo on the ground. When standing to the bosses side, he cannot turn and slime spay you.


Ahhh, a good mage can be an IMMENSE help on this fight. When he does his phase changes, he uses an ability called "Tear Gas" which stuns the whole party for a good amount of time. AS SOON AS YOU SEE THIS ABILITY "Tear Gas" BEING USED, STOP CASTING AND USE INVISIBILITY. If you get it quick enough, you will not be stunned by Tear Gas, allowing you to freely dps the boss while the rest of the raid is stunned and frozen in place. This REALLY help during the transition to phase three, as you can whittle a good amount of health off of Putricide while everyone is stunned, making Phase 3 quicker and easier.

There should be a Warrior in the group stunning oozes, However, if you see one that he has missed, or one happens to go near you, use frost nova. This will stun the ooze, also. Frost nova has a kinda lengthy cooldown, so a mage cannnot possibly stun every ooze. Just try to assist the warrior with it when possible, focus on DPS, as that is your top priority.


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